'The Last Stand' Trailer Heralds The Return Of Classic Arnold

The Last Stand

We knew the latest "The Last Stand" trailer was going to win us over from the moment it opened with Johnny Knoxville, Luis Guzman, and Matt Saracen shooting a slab of raw meat. From there on out, the trailer turns into one hilariously epic thrill ride.

By now, you should know the basic premise for Jee-woon Kim's English directorial debut. When the most notorious kingpin around escapes from his FBI prisoner convoy and makes a break for the Mexican border, it's up to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays the sheriff in a sleepy border town, to stop him. Shoot outs, explosions and car chances then ensue.

If that sounds too boring to you, then we probably shouldn't be friends this probably isn't your kind of movie. But this new trailer for "The Last Stand" proves that Genesis Rodriguez was right when she told us it is the movie we want it to be.

"This is exactly the type of way that you want to see [Schwarzenegger]," she gushed at San Diego Comic-Con. "You're going to see the action hero, but you're also going to see the vulnerable side and the human side to him. So I'm like really excited for the Ahnold. It's the big return of the Ahnold."

Judging by what we've seen, we have to agree. Knoxville and Guzman temper the balls-to-the-wall action with some (seemingly) non-cheesy humor, while "The Last Stand" also has plenty of action that does classic Schwarzenegger films proud. "The Last Stand" might not be winning any Oscars, but it does seem like it will be plenty of fun.

"The Last Stand" comes out January 18, 2013.

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