'Star Wars' Rumors: Carrie Fisher In, 'Safety Not Guaranteed' Director Being Considered

Star Wars

For those of you who may have lost track of the recent "Star Wars: Episode VII" development, this is pretty much where things stand:

Lucas has met with writers, but won't hire a director himself. Hamill knew about it last year and said he was game in 1983. Ford, amazingly, said he was open to returning, which made one of our writer think this might happen.

Now a missing piece has fallen into place. Carrie Fisher, who supposedly also met with Lucas and Hamill last supper, told TMZ that she's up for another go as Leia, presumably not in the slave getup. "Yes, sure," Fisher replied when asked about returning." "Wouldn't you?" Yes, Carrie Fisher, we absolutely would.

The other piece of "Episode VII" talk making the rounds on the web today is that Colin Trevorrow, the director of the indie charmer, "Safety Not Guaranteed," is being considered as a possible director. According to a report from Celebuzz, Old Georgie was a big fan of Trevorrow's directorial debut.

Make what you will of all of that, but after the Matthew Vaughn rumor earlier in the week and this talk now, it is safe to say that we are entering a golden age of "Star Wars: Episode VII" rumors.

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