'Red Dawn' Exclusive Clip: Chris Hemsworth Falls For A 'Friday Night' Lady

Red Dawn

With Marvel firmly at Disney and DC firmly at Warner Bros., the odds of ever seeing Thor and Wonder Woman in a movie together are slim to none. So here's a compromise: "Red Dawn," the upcoming action movie remake starring the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, and the woman who was nearly the small screen's new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki.

MTV News has an exclusive clip from the "Red Dawn" remake featuring Hemsworth and Palicki's characters meeting for the first time. As is befitting two of Hollywood's finest specimens, the chemistry between Hemsworth and Palicki is practically palpable, making it all the more believable when a young Josh Hutcherson more or less swoons when the "Friday Night Lights" actress comes calling for a pair of French fries.

See the clip below!

"Red Dawn," which also stars Josh Peck and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, hits theaters on November 21.

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