Giggling Over Gadgets With 'Skyfall' Star Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw

By all accounts from early reviews of and reactions to "Skyfall," the film is a must-see, whether you're a Bond fan or not. The most intriguing elements of this installment are its completely original story, director Sam Mendes and a nice new crop of actors filling out the film's supporting ranks.

One of those actors is the extremely talented (and in my opinion criminally underrated) Ben Whishaw, who plays an updated version of the iconic Bond tech geek Q. MTV News was lucky enough to get some chat time with the likable Brit during a recent press day for his other recent film, "Cloud Atlas," during which we discussed his future in the franchise. As you'll see in the video below, there was also a hilarious digression due to the interruption by his "Atlas" co-star James D'Arcy, who wanted to know all about Bond gadgetry.

"Were the gadgets good in "Skyfall? I'm asking the questions she's going to ask," D'Arcy said, before peppering his co-star with a bunch of excited questions in an attempt to find out how involved Whishaw was with the production design of said gadgets (he wasn't) and how he might get in on the action for the next film (Whishaw said he'd happily submit D'Arcy's ideas to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.)

Once I was able to get a question in, I asked Whishaw for his thoughts on the legacy of the franchise and whether he thinks it will be around for another 50 years.

"Oh wow, I don't know," Whishaw said. "It's such an interesting thing because it's the first film that's not based on the Ian Fleming novels, so it's a new chapter and the first step in a new direction so it will be interesting to see where it goes."

More importantly, will Whishaw be returning as Q for another installment?

"I think I'll be coming back, I hope I'll be coming back," he said.

"That's what John Cleese said," D'Arcy cheekily added, referencing Cleese's one-and-done official turn as Q in "Die Another Day."

"Cheers, James," Whishaw responded, which sent D'Arcy into a fit of giggles.

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