'Star Wars' And The Harrison Ford Rumor: A Fan Theory In Pictures

Even if Han didn't shoot first (he did), it's looking like he might shoot again: a new report suggests that against all odds, Harrison Ford is interested in making a return to the "Star Wars" universe with Disney's upcoming "Episode 7."

Han Solo

If Ford really is interested in piloting the Millennium Falcon one more time, what does that tell us? For me, it only further crystalizes a theory I've had since the "Star Wars" news first broke — that the director is going to be this guy:

Jon Favreau

The same guy who made the first movie starring this guy:

Iron Man

The same guy who was once going to make a movie about this guy:

John Carter

And the same guy who brought Ford out of sci-fi retirement for this movie:

Cowboys and Aliens

Favreau is a busy guy right now, at least in theory. He's attached to direct a movie based on this musical:

Jersey Boys

But WB recently put the project in turnaround. On top of that, Favreau has long been attached to make a movie based on this place:

Magic Kingdom

But that hasn't really gone anywhere either. Still, "Magic Kingdom" and his Marvel involvement make it apparent that Favreau has friends at the House of Mouse. Surely he's a contender for the "Star Wars" job, isn't he? And if anyone can get Ford back in the galaxy far, far away, surely it's this guy:





(Even though I have to admit, it would be very cool to this rumored front runner:

Matthew Vaughn

behind the wheel, if only so we can see this guy:


playing a Sith Lord.


For now, consider this little more than a rumor rabbit hole created by Ford's possible involvement and my own fanboy wish to see Favreau steering "Star Wars" forward. Let us know who you would like to see behind the wheel in the comments below or on Twitter.