First 'World War Z' Footage Unleashes The Horde

World War Z

Finally, the curtain has been at least partially raised on the mystery movie, "World War Z." The zombie flick starring Brad Pitt has captured many headlines during its long production, but not for the reasons anyone making the film would have wanted.

A series of rewrites, reshoots, and delays changed the public perception of the project from "Oh, cool. Brad Pitt's making a zombie movie" to "Uh-oh, Brad Pitt's making some zombie movie." But all of that was sight unseen.

Now, the first look at footage aired on Entertainment Tonight, who will be premiering the trailer on Thursday.

Check out the preview after the jump!

The first thing that should strike you is the way that the zombie action is shot. Instead of the fields of practical zombies stumbling or running toward the heroes, we now have a CGI horde that is capable of overrunning a city.

Here's to hoping that Marc Forster learned how to shoot an action sequence since "Quantum of Solace."

Check back here on Thursday for the full trailer for "World War Z," which opens—in theory—on June 21.

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