'Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection' Is A Must-Own


In the past few months, a number of Blu-ray collection have hit the market that really make you reconsider the role of a physical medium for home video through the use of smart packaging and an attention to detail. One was the "Bond 50" set, a must own for any fan of 007 that hasn't already bought most of those movies on their own. That collection used its completeness as a very convincing selling point, and the final product was staggering.

Now add the "Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection" to that category. The set, which boasts 15 films from the Master of Suspense in beautiful high definition, includes some of Hitchcock's very best films, like "Psycho," "Rear Window," and the new champion of the Sight & Sound poll, "Vertigo."

This combination of films, coupled with the other dozen in the set, merits a purchase by itself, but taking in the value of each movie on an individual basis, you see these classics of cinema presented in a high-definition that will blow you away. "Psycho," in particular, looks unbelievable. It is high-def transfers like this that make anyone a Blu-ray believer and will astound you with their clarity.

But any big Blu-ray set can bundle a bunch of great movies together; it doesn't automatically make a great collection. What "The Masterpiece Collection" does so well is focus on what makes these films special as a group. This consideration takes the form of a beautiful book included in the set that offers unique looks at the films and the people responsible for them.

"The Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection" is simply a must-own. Whether you are an expert or a complete novice, the set will serve you well in your search for genuine entertainment and chills.

"The Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection" is available now.