'Life Of Pi' Featurette: A Walk In The Park...That's On Fire

Most actors dream of landing the lead role in a movie that goes on to earn heaps and heaps of Oscar buzz months before it even hits theaters, especially one directed by Academy Award-winner Ang Lee.

But Suraj Sharma, the young man at the center of Lee's latest film, "Life of Pi," never imagined he would be in a movie ever, a feeling he describes in an exclusive featurette for the film.

"Growing up in India, I never thought that when I was watching a movie that I'd actually be in one," he says. "When I got the role, my mom and dad, they never believed me. Now they're excited. Now they know it's really happening."

Beside some behind-the-scenes footage and an exclusive interview, the featurette also includes some making-of material, shot as Sharma prepared for the big premiere of "Life of Pi" at the New York Film Festival. "This is like a walk in the park," he says. "A park that's on fire."

"Life of Pi" opens on November21.

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