Daniel Radcliffe And Jon Hamm Share A Bath

Jon Hamm

No, the above photo is not Photoshopped. Yes, that is Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm in a bath together. And no, the story behind the image isn't as weird as you might think.

The "Harry Potter" and "Mad Men" stars joined the British miniseries "A Young Doctor's Notebook" back in May, with Sky Arts planning to air the four-part mini-series in 2013. The dramedy is based on a short story collection by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov and features DanRad as a younger version of Hamm.

As this image and the others that were released show, Radcliffe does a great impression of Hamm (or vice versa). When we talked to Radcliffe back in September, he expressed excitement for the role.

"[Hamm and I] play the same character 20 years apart," Radcliffe said of the story. "If you look at the thing as kind of being a meditation on memory, he, as the older doctor in 1935, is remembering his youth and reliving it again by reading the diary he kept when he was a young doctor."

He continues, "What I love about that project is that even though there's a book out there that people can read if they want to, everyone thinks they know what it is, but it's not that."

Those are all great reasons to tune in, but we were sold the second we learned these two would climb in a bath tub together. Let the shipping begin now!

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