'Star Wars' Movie News And Its Place On The Nerd Richter Scale

star wars

How about that Disney/"Star Wars" news, eh? It's like the shot heard 'round the galaxy right now, given the magnitude of the announcement and the reactions to the news. We're thinking it ranks pretty high on the Nerd News Richter Scale, which got us thinking about other memorable moments in geeky history, along with the moments we wish would register on that scale.

Here are the top 10 events (several of which are real and several on our wish list) that register on our Nerd News Richter.

9.0 Disney Buys Marvel: Up until yesterday's announcement, the 2009 shocker that Disney had acquired Marvel was the most interesting aquisition news to come along in quite some time.

7.2 Ridley Scott Returns to "Alien": The most devout "Alien" fans could not allow themselves to be fully excited for the long-rumored reboot/return to the franchise until Fox made the announcement that Scott was at the helm."

8.1 Peter Jackson Confirmed to Direct "The Hobbit": Although we were excited to see what original director Guillermo del Toro had planned for Middle Earth, the Tolkein devotees rejoiced when Jackson decided to take the reins again.

8.9 "Superman vs. Batman" Gets a Greenlight: Who doesn't want to see an epic big screen clash of two DC titans? Sure there are a ton of complicated logistics to work out, actors to cast, schedules to arrange and qualified directors to assign, but man, this movie could be great and we've already seen a pretty nifty design for the billboards.

8.5 "Firefly" Returns to TV: As indicated by the show's overwhelming response at their reunion panel at Comic-Con this year, people can't get enough of Joss Whedon's space western. An official revamp would send the Browncoat Nation into a frenzy.

9.1 Marvel Re-Acquires All of its Characters' Movie Rights: As much fun as we've had with the resurgence of superhero movies, things would be even better if all of our favorite Marvel properties were under one roof and an epic batch of crossover cameo action could commence! Speaking of...

9.0 Spider-Man Spins A Web Into "Avengers" Sequel: Even Andrew Garfield was bummed that he couldn't swing into "Avengers" for a scene or two. If all the Marvel characters can't live at one studio, how about a make-nice/grand gesture sort of agreement between Sony and Disney that would make fans' dreams come true so we can get Spidey some screen time with the Avengers?

7.5 William Shatner "Star Trek: Into The Darkness " Cameo Confirmed: If anyone can figure out a way to work William Shatner into a "Star Trek" movie it's J.J. Abrams. There were rumors of a cameo in the first film, which of course Shatner was excited about, but now that the franchise is fully re-established why not let the original James T. Kirk wander back into the mix?

9.5 Joss Whedon's "Wonder Woman" Movie Given the Go-Ahead: Before Joss Whedon became an internationally-recognized hero in the film world, he enjoyed cult fan status and being hired or rumored to be hired for several potentially high profile projects that were either shut down or never saw the light of day. One of those was a Whedon-penned "Wonder Woman" movie that had, and still has, fans salivating. The fly in the ointment now is the fact that Marvel kinda owns Whedon and would likely not be too keen on lending him to DC.

8.8 "Arrested Development" Is Back: For what seemed like an excruciating amount of time, the rumor of the long-awaited "Arrested Development" revamp finally became a reality when the Hollywood scheduling/development fairies descended upon the project with new episodes ordered to premiere on Netflix and a promise to reunite all the original members of the Bluth family.