‘Star Wars’: 15 Insane Fan Moments To Prep For ‘Episode VII’

“Star Wars” has always had one of the most dedicated fanbases in all of geekdom. There are tomes of fan fics, hours of homemade movies, and galleries of art to prove that, but the news of “Episode VII” has once again brought them out in full Force.

We’ve been covering all of the news surrounding “Episode VII” on MTV News and over here on MTV Movies Blog, but let’s use this wondrous occasion to look back at some of the wildest fan creations in recent years.

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Wall-E-D2 and EVE-3PO
The Worth1000 user DaemonDCLXVI created this Pixar-“Star Wars” mash-up long before the Disney buy.

Chewbacca Hair Auction
Back in 2009, a strand of your favorite wookie’s hair made its way onto the online auction site.

Chewbacca Fights Nazi Astride A Squirrel
Tyler Edlin painted this masterwork of art that needs no commentary. This is art, ladies and gentlemen.

That Time Darth Vader Opened the NYSE
It was a dark day for the Rebel Alliance, when a leader of the Empire rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Snoop Dogg Joins The Dark Side
Before he became Snoop Lion, there was a period of time where the rapper could have been known as Darth Dogg, as when he promoted “Star Wars” sneakers in Times Square.

Trailer for “Star Wars” Uncut
Lucasfilm has always been relaxed when it came to fan adaptations, the ultimate of which, “Star Wars Uncut,” recreated “A New Hope” shot for shot.

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Storm Troopers Invade the New York Subway
An elaborate Improv Everywhere had multiple people dressed as Storm Troopers ride the subway and preview what live under the Empire will be like.

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“Silent Star Wars” Works Surprisingly Well
Another fan video took “The Empire Strikes Back” and made the convincing jump to silent film.

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Exclusive: Mondo “Dawn of Tatooine” Print
In 2010, we had the honor of debuting a look at a poster from Shan Jiang, which features a Sand Trooper overlooking the desert city.

Exclusive: “Serene Baby Darth Maul”
We’re still not completely sure what this work from artist Will Wilson is supposed to mean. All we know is that we can’t stop staring.

That Time Jawas Brought Blu-ray to Times Square
To celebrate the release of the “Complete” Saga Blu-ray, these desert wanders made a pit stop in Times Square to deliver a copy.

’Star Wars’ Stuff: The Gifts That Keep On Giving (To George Lucas)
Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like the warmth of a tauntaun’s insides.

Our Greatest Wish and Nightmare for “Episode VII”
A friend over at Reddit posted this masterpiece of Nic Cage as every “Star Wars” character.

Wookie the Chew
This is our highest hope for a Disney-Lucasfilm team-up. The artist of the piece is James Hance, who is using proceeds from his artwork to benefit his sick 7-year-old daughter. Visit his website here.

Winter Comes to a Galaxy Far Away
A clever “Game of Thrones”-“Star Wars” mash-up seems like a natural fit for both series.

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