'Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters' Go For The Gore In New Red Band Trailer


No matter your initial thoughts or skepticism about "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters," the early promotion and teaser trailers have done a good job in selling the film's bottom line, which seems to be a blend of fantasy, action and a little camp thrown in for good measure.

Monday's premiere of the film's red band trailer further sells that point in emphasizing the fact that the heroic siblings we all know from the classic fairy tale have grown up to be relentless, kick-ass witch assassins. Take Jeremy Renner's voiceover as Hansel for instance, he starts things off by bragging about their chosen profession and then playfully throws it in the audience's face, "We kill witches. What do you do?"

The joy of the red band trailer is of course in the restricted moments, which in the case of the "Witch Hunters" involves a lot of blood and guts. We get to see the effectiveness of Hansel and Gretel's messier witch traps, like what happens when a witch on a broomstick flies into a complicated web-like arrangement of trip wires, along with the gory intimidation of the film's chief villain, the evil sorceress Muriel (played by Famke Janssen). It's not all blood and gore however, there's also a hint of nudity in a romancey-type scene, for those who like that sort of thing.

Other new things learned from this new two-minute tease are more specifics about the film's plot, in that it seems that Hansel and Gretel's witch hunting has finally caught up with them and they have become the hunted by a gang of particularly devious and possibly demonic types.

Check out the trailer and new poster over at IGN.

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