RZA Lines Up Next Two Directing Gigs

The Man with the Iron Fists

"The Man With the Iron Fists" hasn't even hit theaters yet, and already RZA has his next two movies lined up.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that the Wu-Tang Clan frontman-turned director will next helm the long-gestating biopic "Genghis Khan" and then will tackle the action thriller "No Man's Land." His directorial debut, "The Man With the Iron Fists," comes out Friday, so this news is pretty good evidence that the film is going to be as good as we hope it will be.

"Genghis Khan" is written by "Apocalypse Now" scribe John Milius and has been in the works for a while now. Milius is also executive producing the film and had once been slated to direct it. The flick is preparing to shoot in China next year, which is the same country where RZA shot "Man With the Iron Fists."

After he's done with that, RZA is expected to move on to "No Man's Land." That script was written by Trey Ellis and David Klass and "centers on a man who steals a powerful criminal's diamond that soon proves to be far more valuable than initially thought. With the help of a dancer, he attempts to stay alive and cash in on the jewel." The entire story takes place over the course of one night.

"The Man With the Iron Fists" is due out on November 2. The official synopsis reads, "Since his arrival in China's Jungle Village, the town's blacksmith (RZA) has been forced by radical tribal factions to create elaborate tools of destruction. When the clans' brewing war boils over, the stranger channels an ancient energy to transform himself into a human weapon. As he fights alongside iconic heroes and against soulless villains, one man must harness this power to become savior of his adopted people."

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