'Bond 24' Brings Back 'Skyfall' Writer, Will Open In Fall 2014


We're still two week away from "Skyfall" coming ashore stateside, but the early rave reviews about the newest James Bond adventure have already left diehard fans clamoring for word about "Bond 24."

But now, thanks to a report from the Daily Mail, you not only have "Skyfall" to look forward to, but a Bond 24 written solely by John Logan and probably hitting theaters in November 2014.

We previously knew that Daniel Craig has signed up for "Bond 24" and "25," taking his total number of movies as 007 to five, and that director Sam Mendes would be unlikely to return, but signing up the co-writer of "Skyfall" for a solo screenwriting job and setting a solid release window for two years from now give us the clearest picture yet for the future of Bond.

Though it's no surprise that producer Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli would want to recreate the magic of "Skyfall," considering the rave reviews it's earned so far, and bringing Logan back is the natural first step, but in doing so, they're leaving behind Robert Wade and Neal Pruvis, who have written for the series since "The World Is Not Enough." Logan is a three-time Academy Award nominee, who is getting most of the credit for "Skyfall"'s smart script.

"Bond 24" will likely go into production next year to prepare for the November 2014 release window.

"Skyfall" opens in the US on November 9 and should be seen by anyone who likes James Bond and good movies in general.

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