Korean Old Man Halle Berry Wins 'Cloud Atlas' Transformation Contest

The obvious talking point when it comes to "Cloud Atlas" is the many transformations the actors make to fit within the interweaving stories on the screen. Some are less extensive than others, but some change Halle Berry into an old Korean man.

That transformation in particular earned the highest marks from her co-star, Jim Sturgess, when MTV spoke with the cast.

"I think Halle had some of the biggest transformations. She played an older person, she played a man that was Korean. I remember having to have a conversation with her while we were shooting that scene," Jim Sturgess said.

"It was the most surreal kind of messed-up moment. We were talking about her kid and how she's integrating into German schools, but she was dressed as this bizarre-looking Korean man with rotting teeth. It tripped my head up. I had to go sit in a corner for five minutes and get my head together."

Berry, on the other hand, had a hard time recognizing Ben Whishaw on the set of the film's most futuristic story, and Hanks recalled not knowing about his role at all. "I didn't recognize Ben Whishaw when he was in the hut scene [with us]," she said. "And he was in the whole scene."

"How about that? So Ben Whishaw, who is in a third of the movie, I didn't know he was in that scene until I saw the movie in Toronto," Hanks said. "Who was he? I didn't know he was there that day."

"Cloud Atlas" opens today in theaters. Go see it.

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