'Evil Dead' Red Band Trailer Will Gross You Out

Evil Dead

A week and a half ago, Bruce Campbell, Jane Levy, and director Fede Alvarez presented a short, gruesome, R-rated trailer for their remake of Sam Raimi's classic "Evil Dead." While that footage wasn't available to the public, the cheers from NYCC could be heard on all corners of the web.

That footage is now available to gross you out as you watch through your barely covered eyes.

This "Evil Dead" is grisly, dark, modern and dead serious. The first trailer sets up the familiar story of friends going into the woods, finding the Necronomicon, and unleashing hell, but what we weren't expecting was the sure-to-be-talked-about moment at the end. (Yes, that thing with the tongue.)

Watch the very NSFW trailer after the jump!

"Evil Dead" opens in the Spring of 2013.

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