'Django Unchained' Trailer Suits Up For A Shootout

Django Unchained

It has taken a few trailers to come to this conclusion, but we feel fairly confident saying that "Django Unchained" is going to be a violent movie.

Obviously, we have Exhibit A: Quentin Tarantino. There was ever little doubt that the master of genre mashup knows how to punch up his films with some gore, but "Django Unchained" had yet to show its more gruesome side.

That is until Exhibit B, a new international trailer (via The Playlist), show up online today. The preview takes a closer look at the massive shootout at the end of the film, something we've only just started to see in more recent trailers.

When you watch the trailer, notice how the bullets hit. There are explosions. Awesome explosions of fun.

"Django Unchained" opens on December 25.

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