James Bond And Q Get Reacquainted In 'Skyfall' Clip

Skyfall Daniel Craig Ben Whishaw

You should know that when Q and 007 are talking about an old ship in the National Portrait Gallery during the latest clip from "Skyfall," they're not actually talking about a ship. It's deeper than that.

The brand new clip, which debuted online over at Yahoo! Movies, shows off the introduction of Ben Whishaw's Q, a lean, meaner, tech-ier version of the character made famous by Desmond Llewelyn.

As Daniel Craig's is a different breed Bond, Whishaw's Q has been brought into the 21st century. Gone are the gadget, replaced with a laptop, hacking skills, and an attitude to go with them.

Check out the clip after the jump!

As you can see in the clip, Bond and Q don't exactly see eye-to-eye, but there's always a playfulness to their bickering. As Q, Whishaw brings a sharper edge to the character and isn't afraid to call Bond on his brutal line of work.

The clip also alludes to another unique aspect of "Skyfall." Bond isn't at the top of his game. Much like Bruce Wayne after his return in "The Dark Knight Rises," it takes some time for Bond to get back into fighting shape. Q thinks he's past his prime, but Bond has a different opinion.

You see, because Bond is the old ship. It's a metaphor. Because he's old. Get it?

"Skyfall" opens in theaters on November 9 with IMAX screenings starting the day before.

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