Jesse And Walter Will Never, Ever, Ever Cook Together

This new mashup is what we imagine a Taylor Swift song would be like if she really fell hard for “Breaking Bad” and then decided she didn’t like the show anymore.

Also, watch a supercut of the silliest horror movie monsters and see Jennifer Lawrence before she was famous in today’s Dailies!

» The Week has collected a bunch of videos featuring famous actors in small background roles, including Jennifer Lawrence on “Monk.” [The Week]

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» RZA says that his now non-existent “Django Unchained” role was supposed to be his character from “The Man with the Iron Fists.” [The Playlist]

» Speaking of Tarantino, here’s a first look at the artwork from his upcoming Blu-ray collection. [/Film]

» We’re not so sure how we feel about this. [Vulture]

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» Here’s a collection of really weird bad guys and monsters from horror movies. [Flavorwire]

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» A clip from “Flight” starring Denzel Washington [ComingSoon]

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» Watch the strangest trailer you’ll see today, “Holy Motors.” [Ain’t It Cool]

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