Learn How Quentin Tarantino Makes His Characters Cool

One thing you’ll always hear about Tarantino films is that they’re just cool. But what makes them so cool? A new video essay from Press Play gets to the bottom of the mystery.

Also, Nic Cage is “Left Behind” and Michael Jackson is “Bad” in today’s Dailies!

» A look at what makes Quentin Tarantino characters cool. [Press Play]

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» You can know read the entirety of Vanity Fair’s cover story on Daniel Craig. [Vanity Fair]

» Badass Digest did an interesting interview with the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer. [YouTube]

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» Nic Cage is going to star in a more mainstream “Left Behind” movie, so that’s awesome. [Variety]

» Trailer for “Save the Date” [The Film Stage]

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