James Bond Infographic Averages Girls, Guns, And Martinis


By Colin Greten

The highly anticipated 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise, "Skyfall," does not premiere until November 9th; however, dedicated Bond fans have been rewarded with a new chart from The Economist providing statistics on who is the most Bond of the six actors who have played the iconic role.

What are Bond's three favorite things? Bond is driven by sexy women, alcohol and killing as many helpless henchmen as possible. The handy chart gives the average kills, martinis, and conquest per film for each Bond actor.

When looking at the chart it would appear that Pierce Brosnan would be the most violent of all the Bonds, with a lot more kills than any of the others. Daniel Craig (currently Bond) has averaged an incredible amount of martinis in his two films, perhaps a result of the slightly darker nature of the newest films.

The biggest surprise is George Lazenby, who despite only playing Bond once, has the most conquests of all. He may not have been a popular or very successful Bond, but the women in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" did not seem to mind. Sean Connery, whom many consider to be the best 007, is right in the middle with a sold number of kills and slightly more sex than drinking. Meanwhile, Timothy Dalton can be seen as the most tame Bond overall, with the lowest combination of the three categories.


Who is the most Bond of all these actors? It is up for interpretation despite Brosnan having a daunting overall average in the three combined categories. This graph does not include "Skyfall" data, and perhaps we will see more killing and conquests from Craig in his third installment, or maybe he'll stick to his martinis, as it has served him pretty well so far.

"Skyfall" opens on November 9.