Daniel Radcliffe Fills Us In On 'The F Word'

Have you ever noticed how you never see Daniel Radcliffe acting in a contemporary setting unless he has a wand at the ready? With "The Woman in Black" and "Kill Your Darlings" as his only non-Potter roles thus far, the currently filming "F Word" came as a relief to Radcliffe.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz visited with Radcliffe on the set of "The F Word" to talk about his latest project and finally acting like a normal 21st century dude.

"Other than 'Potter,' I've not been [a film set] closer than the 1940s really. It's definitely nice to be doing something contemporary," he said. "I feel like I can be much more myself in this film. Not to say I'm not acting, but it's definitely a lot closer to the person I am and it's fun to be able to improvise in a modern idiom."

"The F Word" tells the story of a young man with an all-too-common problem. ""It's a romantic comedy about being stuck in the friend zone," Radcliffe said. "My character, Wallace, meets Zoe Kazan's character, Chantry, at the beginning of the movie. There's an instant connection, but he finds out she has a boyfriend so they embark on this friendship where he's kind of secretly pining for her all the time but trying to ignore that. She is possibly developing feelings for him as well but it's much more ambiguous from her end."

"The F Word" should be hitting theaters sometime in 2013.

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