Damon Lindelof And Brad Bird's Mysterious '1952' Finally Uncovered?


For those of you intrigued by the mysterious upcoming partnership between Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird titled "1952," we have got the mother load of information for you. We have known nothing about the movie other than the fact that both of those talents will be working about it up until this point, but now an vague tease of the film's plot has hit the web.

"It will be set largely in the present day and it is about aliens making contact here on Earth," Vulture writes. "Our spies tell us that Bird and Lindelof want to recapture the spirit of 1977’s 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' right down to centering it around a man in his late forties, à la Richard Dreyfuss’s Roy Neary."

As the outlet points out, the alien connection to the year 1952 could be the "Washington flap," when seven UFOs allegedly appeared on radar at National Airport.

If you're intrigued by this concept, then Lindelof and Bird want to grab you early. Like J.J. Abrams' "Cloverfield," Lindelof and Bird plan to have early marketing campaigns that hype the mystery of "1952." That will involve a scavenger hunt, apparently, which seems to be every movie studio's new way for getting fans engaged with viral marketing.

"The idea is to stage a treasure hunt for intrigued moviegoers that will gradually reveal clues about and build intrigue for the film right up until its release, and which may or may not be related to the contents of the box [that inspired Lindelof in this project]," Vulture writes.

The plan is to get "1952" into production next year.

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