Daniel Craig Thinks James Bond Timetable Will Speed Up Again

Being at the head of a multi-billion dollar film franchise certainly comes with it perks, but for Daniel Craig, being James Bond doesn't mean riding the Aston Martin DB5 to Easy Street. The man cares about 007. If you've ever read an interview with Craig about the films, the upcoming "Skyfall" in particular, he talks about the movies as if he'll be personally held accountable if they suck.

When we spoke with Craig for "Skyfall," we wanted to find out just how much input he has on the individual films and direction of the series. Craig, of course, answered the question modestly.

"I like to think [I have input]. Certainly, [the producers] let me talk; whether they listen to me, I don't know," Craig said. "The truth of it is that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, the producers, they allow me to get involved, and it means so much to me. I always said to them when I did 'Casino Royale,' 'I don't care about many things, but if you allowed me to be involved, I can pretend to be James Bond.' "

With Craig firmly in place for at least two more Bond films, fans are already looking for early signs of "Bond 24," something the actor says could happen sooner rather than later.

"Ask the producers. I don't know," Craig said. "I think they'd like to [speed up the timetable], and I think that would be the plan. That was too long last time, although I quite enjoyed the gap, but it's too long. As long as we've got the script and we're ready to go, there's no reason why we can't start shooting."

"Skyfall" opens on November 9.