New 'Skyfall' Clip Takes The Bloody Shot


If you have been on the internet at all in the past few days, you may have come across some reactions from early screenings of "Skyfall," the 23rd James Bond movie due out next month, and if you read any other those opinions, you probably heard that it's Bond at his best and a return to form for Daniel Craig as the lead.

MTV Movies Blog can confirm that all of that is true and then some. "Skyfall" fits nicely alongside "Casino Royale" as exemplars of not only how good a Bond movie can be in the 21st century but how a series this old can still have life in it. It's thrilling and fresh, but respects the franchise's history as much as its die hard fans do.

We'll have a more complete review of "Sykfall" closer to its release date on November 9, so for now we suggest you take a look at this quasi-spoilery clip from the movie's opening sequence. The segment won't spoil anything for you if you've been paying attention to the trailers, but if you're looking to go in fresh, stay away.

In the clip, Bond fights a man named Patrice, who has just made off with a list of NATO spies embedded in terrorist organizations. The fight doesn't go exactly as planned and gives the initial set-up for the film.

Check it out below.

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