This 'Carrie' Poster Looks Like Every Other Poster Ever

Carrie Poster

During their big coming-out weekend at New York Comic-Con, the folks behind the remake of "Carrie," starring Chloe Moretz, also took the opportunity to debut the international poster over at Dark Horizons. The one sheet for the film, which harkens back to Stephen King's original novel rather than the Brian De Palma film, features Moretz in a close-up and covered in blood.

The one aspect of the poster that may seem familiar to you is the stark text placed over Moretz's face, which reads "You will know her name." This style of poster has become fairly trendy in recent years, so we decided to round up all of the posters that look exactly like this.

See the full poster and its look-alikes after the jump!



"Carrie" is scheduled to hit theaters in the spring of 2013.

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