It's Time You Got Excited For 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Zero Dark Thirty

Up until this point, Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty" has seemed more like an inevitability than a coming attraction. Someone was bound to make an Osama Bin Laden movie, and we just so happen to be lucky enough to get Bigelow behind it.

Great, but we all know what happened. We've read the stories about that night in Abbottabad and what did or did not officially happen. Could Bigelow, even if she was responsible for "The Hurt Locker," spin a story that we not only already know but one that we just heard into a compelling film?

If the newest trailer for "Zero Dark Thirty" is any indication, we might want to reconsider our stance, because it looks incredible.

As is typical for a second trailer, we're beginning to see the makings of a complete movie. The first teaser essentially laid out an idea without any hint of structure, look, or character. In this preview, however, we have a story beyond "that Osama Bin Laden" movie.

From its exquisitely photographed opening moments, the trailer commands your attention. A haunting voice over from Jason Clarke reminds us that the ensemble Bigelow has assembled for this picture would, on its own, merit our collective attention.

Perhaps the most essential piece of the cast also emerges in the trailer. "Zero Dark Thirty" looks like it will be as much as an ensemble piece as a it will be a chance for Jessica Chastain to once again show off her impeccable talents.

Needless to say, "Zero Dark Thirty" has our attention.

"Zero Dark Thirty" opens on December 19.