‘Django Unchained’ Trailer: The Eight Most Intriguing Stills

Over on MTV News, we spent the morning unpacking the new “Django Unchained” poster, because, quite frankly, we can’t get enough of it.

For the second domestic preview, Quentin Tarantino had our curiosity, and then he upped the spaghetti western. Now he has our attention. The trailer showed segments from Broomhilda’s story, as well as, Django’s climactic gun fight.

We’ve broken down the trailer to our most talked-about moments, so take a look after the jump!

Remember that time Dr. King Schultz just killed a dude in the middle of a crowded street?

Leonardo DiCaprio is finally starting to look like a villain.

Our best look at Calvin Candie’s mandingo fights

Sam Jackson has looked better.

Ladies and gentlemen, the silver tongued fox

From the film’s final gunfight

Yes, that’s Jonah Hill.

This image speaks for itself.

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