Watch Steven Spielberg And Daniel Day-Lewis' Lengthy 'Lincoln' Q&A


Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis are taking "Lincoln" to the streets.

The pair recently held a 42-minute-long question and answer session in New York Wednesday that streamed on Yahoo! and in select theaters around the country. "They talked about everything and anything related to the upcoming movie, including Day-Lewis's initial hesitation to take on the project.

"It seemed like such a preposterous idea to me, outlandish idea, to take on that work, so I fled," Day-Lewis recounted. "Reading Tony [Kushner]'s script, I could see objectively that it was something to be done by somebody else probably. I didn't honestly feel like I was capable of doing that work."

Clearly that isn't the case. We've known since the first glimpse of Day-Lewis as Lincoln that he was the right man for the job and that Spielberg had picked well. Day-Lewis has a certain skill of dissolving into his roles, so we knew it wouldn't take long to no longer see the "There Will Be Blood" actor and instead only see Honest Abe. And we were right.

The trailer for "Lincoln" shows that Day-Lewis has nailed the character of Lincoln, so it's funny to hear that he had so much hesitancy about taking the role. Since we doubt Spielberg dropped the ball on the telling of this story, "Lincoln" could end up being the most honest take on Abraham Lincoln's life story that we've ever seen on the big screen. That's something to look forward to.

"Lincoln" hits theaters on November 16,

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