What Secrets Does The 'Prometheus' Blu-ray Hold?



The fine folks over at Film.com jetted off to London to talk "Prometheus" with a few of the people behind the movie in time for its Blu-ray release.

The team offered a ton of insight, including this gem from production designer, Arthur Max."

"We'd always toyed with the idea of terraforming within the pyramid," said Max. "The scientists mistakenly take the idea that the whole place is a kind of atmospheric condenser to create life. That's the wrong impression. It really is a military weapons station manufacturing creature bombs to wipe us all out because we are a miscreant race of humanoids and a threat to the galaxy. Or it's a cautionary tale about, "Don't mess with genetic engineering, this is what can go wrong." We're doing that ourselves currently. The hubris of playing God. That's partly what we're about."

Head over to Film.com to read to full recap of the trip!

"Prometheus" is out on Blu-ray and DVD now.

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