'Taken 3' Moves Forward: Five Ideas For Liam Neeson's Threequel

Taken 2

Liam Neeson doesn't want to get "Taken" again, but that's not going to stop some writers with a very particular set of skills from doing their best to abduct him one more time.

In an interview with Hollywood.com, writer Robert Mark Kamen admitted that Fox is very keen on pursuing a third "Taken" film. Kamen feels the threequel would need to deviate from the formula of the first two movies, saying, "We've taken everyone we can take — it's going to go in another direction. Should be interesting."

That might not be interesting enough to lure Neeson back for a third round as retired black ops badass Bryan Mills. But in case he's feeling open-minded, we have some suggestions for how "Taken 3" could work out. Read them below!

Bryan Mills Takes Someone!

Why does it always have to be Bryan and his family who keep getting kidnapped? Bryan has a very particular set of skills, after all — skills that would be put to good use if he wanted to take someone else. Wouldn't that be a twist, putting Bryan in the shoes of the kidnappers he fought so hard against in the first films?

Kim & Lenore Take Someone!

Fine, Liam. If you don't want to get "Taken" again, then maybe it's up to the rest of Team Mills to get the job done. Kim and Lenore have been through the grind enough times now to handle themselves on a European thrill ride without Bryan guiding them through. And if they do need Bryan for any reason, why, he's just a phone call away.

Bryan, Kim & Lenore Get Taken To A Mysterious Island!

But these movies work best when the whole Mills gang is together, right? Perhaps, then, we can think a little bit outside of the box and imagine a non-Europe setting for the next "Taken" movie. Somewhere like, say, a mysterious island with smoke monsters and terrifying natives and time travel and science hatches? That's where Kim could finally meet her true love — a reformed ex-torturer for the Republican Guard named Sayid Jarrah! Though he might rub Papa Mills the wrong way…

Bryan Gets Taken To Television!

Who needs another movie when the small screen has so much to offer? EuropaCorp has already shown their interest in television by adapting "The Transporter" for TV. "Taken," too, has lots of potential as a serialized miniseries; it gives Neeson the added benefit of stepping away from the Bryan Mills role and allowing another actor (Terry O'Quinn, anyone?) to do some damage in his stead.

SHOCKER! No One Gets Taken!

That's the big hang-up here, I think: the idea that a third "Taken" movie, by virtue of its title, requires someone to get abducted. But there's so much potential in Bryan Mills' back story that it feels silly not to explore his past as the central conceit of the film; why spend time on another kidnapping when you can show Mills out on a mission doing what he does best, family-free? That's a "Taken" sequel we would happily pay to see.

How do you see "Taken 3" playing out? Leave your ideas for a threequel in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!