Christopher Walken Doesn't Know Why There's An Albino Octopus In 'Prometheus'

Have you ever seen Christopher Walken wearing Elvis glasses with Sam Rockwell, talking about the "albino octopus" from "Prometheus" and the King's twin brother?

Well, you're about to.

During the Toronto International Film Festival, MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with Walken and Rockwell, two of the stars of "Seven Psychopaths," to talk about literally anything.

Their topics of conversation ranged from that nefarious albino octopus and the flawed logic* of "Prometheus," to dancing and Walken's refusal to do it on film anymore, to the conspiracy theory surrounding Elvis' twin brother.

Nothing was off-limits in the no-holds-barred conversation with the two great actors. Enjoy all of the spoils in the video above!

*The albino octopus is actually the alien that was removed from Elizabeth Shaw in the surgery scene. It's enormous because, like the xenomorph from "Alien," it grew at an excelled rate.