'Drive' Sequel Not Happening, But Could We See The Driver Again?


It's been over a year since Nicolas Winding Refn's ultra-cool "Drive," hit theaters, and in that time, the Ryan Gosling movie has built up a serious following. So it probably came as welcome news to the fans when the author of "Drive," James Sallis, said that his follow-up "Driven" was being developed for movie treatment. Could this be a chance to recreate the Refn-Gosling magic from their first outing?

Not likely, Refn told the Evening Standard (via The Playlist). The Danish director has ruled out a sequel to "Drive," but oddly suggests that he could turn up in another film…that wouldn't be a sequel?

"[A sequel] is never going to happen," Refn told the Evening Standard. "But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We're playing with that idea. We'll see what happens."

But what does that mean? The actor-director duo recently made "Only God Forgives," a Thailand-set gangster flick, that has yet to premiere outside of a sizzle reel at Cannes, and they have made plans for other potential collaborations. Could this hypothetical film focus on a different character with the Driver only showing up for a few scenes?

In the meantime, Gosling will be busy with his own directorial effort, "How to Catch a Monster," featuring his "Drive" co-star, Christina Hendricks. Refn said that if Gosling has any questions, his collaborator can always call him for advice.

"We have spoken about it, and of course I will give him advice if he wants me to," he said. "I told him if he wakes up in sweats at 5am on the morning of shooting to call me."

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