‘Seven Psychocats’ Wins The Oscar For Everything In Dailies

The internet has become predictable with its parodies. Add cats to anything and you have success, but just when it seems like we can’t take another cat video, “Seven Psychocat” says “shut up.”

Also, learn what happened to “Taken 2” and who Aaron Paul saw Radiohead with in today’s Dailies!

» The only way to make “Seven Psychopaths” crazier was to add cats. [YouTube]

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» The Week ponders what went wrong with “Taken 2.” [The Week]

» io9 did a countdown of the most disturbing animal transformations. [io9]

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» Apparently both Aaron Paul and Pierce Brosnan are Radiohead fans. [Twitter]

» Since it’s already becoming a movie, here’s a fan-made trailer for “Hungry, Hungry Hippos.” [Vulture]

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