There's A 'Prometheus'-'Blade Runner' Connection On The Blu-ray?

Blade Runner

Fans have long suspected that the worlds of "Prometheus" and "Blade Runner" were connected, but now we have physical evidence of the crossover.

Director Ridley Scott has implanted a special Easter Egg on the "Prometheus" Blu-ray, which comes out tomorrow. It was a Reddit user who initially found the connection (courtesy of Collider), and the links between "Blade Runner" and "Prometheus" are pretty blatant.

The surprise is a bit of text recorded by Peter Weyland where he talks about his mentor, a man who created synthetic life forms. It's pretty clear as the text goes on that Weyland is talking about Eldon Tyrell, the CEO of "Blade Runner's" Tyrell Corporation who created the replicants in that story. Check out the image of the text after the jump.

It could be that this is just a fun fact connecting the two worlds, or it could be something much more than that. A "Blade Runner" follow-up is in the works and even brought back the original writer in May, so it be that this is some early marketing for that new project. Fingers crossed.

Prometheus Blade Runner

Though the "Blade Runner" film is supposed to be a sequel, it could draw on some of the events that happened in "Prometheus" and even incorporate some of its new characters. After all, this new project is supposed to have a female lead. We might be giving too much credit here, but there's no better way to get fans of a cult film excited than by giving them some tease to munch on early on.

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