'Titanic' Mythbusted: Jack Didn't Need To Die


A fifteen-year-old movie debate has finally ended with the help of some science. As promised, the Mythbusters took on the challenge of recreating that iconic and—to some—infuriating scene at the end of "Titanic" with the help of James Cameron.

After a recent photo surfaced online, arguing that Jack could have easily fit onto Rose's floating door, Cameron rebutted claiming that is wasn't an issue of space but of buoyancy.

Taking on that challenge, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman proposed to test the theories "Mythbusters"-style, and Cameron even volunteered to help out.

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The trio first needed to settle on the conditions of the experiment. They decided that Jack and Rose were floating for a little over an hour before a rescue boat showed up, so that's how long Adam and Jamie would have to stay above water.

At first, it seemed like Cameron would win the day. Once on the board, the Mythbusters could barely stay afloat, since their combined weight was dragging the door under.

But this being "Mythbusters," there is always another way. It turns out that if Rose had removed her life vest and strapped it to the bottom of the door, the added buoyancy would have kept the pair mostly out of the water. Never let go, my butt!

Scientific evidence, however, was not enough for Cameron, who insisted the movie is the movie.

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