Daniel Craig And 'Saturday Night Live' Look Back On Less Memorable Bond Girls

Daniel Craig

This week's "Saturday Night Live" didn't have many high points, but one everyone seemed to agree on was the fake commercial for the "Bond 50" collection.

In a classic "SNL" setup, the premise of the pre-taped sketch was that the Blu-ray set included every Bond girl, including ones we may have forgotten. This led to a wonderful string of impersonations from Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer, plus another turn from Fred Armisen as Penny Marshall.

It also allowed Craig to do what he does best: Bond.

Check out the sketch after the jump!

The fake movie titles seal the deal:

Diane Keaton in "Never Die Twice Tomorrow"

Jodie Foster in "Kill Me Once, Shame On You"

Lea Michele in "Hippopotopussy"

Molly Ringwald in "The Man Who Was a Gun"

Ellen DeGeneres in "Honey I Killed the Spy"

Penny Marshall in "Quantum of Leap"

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