Bond Documentary 'Everything Or Nothing' Is A Must Watch

Tomorrow, October 5, marks the 50th anniversary of the release of "Dr. No" and the birth of a movie icon. Fittingly, the world has turned its attention to James Bond over the last few weeks, in the lead-up to the golden anniversary and the release of the newest 007 adventure, "Skyfall."

For fans of the series, "Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007" is something you cannot afford to miss. The new documentary from director Stevan Riley, premieres October 5 on the EPIX channel, and we are proud to bring you an exclusive clip from the film.

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The feature-length documentary succeeds because of what it isn't. Instead of being a horning blowing, hour-and-a-half commercial for the also fantastic "Bond 50" Blu-ray set and "Skyfall," "Everything or Nothing" takes a surprisingly honest approach to retelling the tale behind the franchise.

When a film series lasts 50 years, there will inevitably be some troubles, and James Bond had more than his far share. Most of the early problems had to do with Sean Connery and his disputes with producers Saltzman and Broccoli and Kevin McClory's repeated attempts to cash in on the series, and these aspects of the story are handled relatively objectively, relying on the accounts the people who lived it to give their opinions. (Connery did not participate in interviews for the documentary, making him the only Bond unaccounted for.)

"Everything or Nothing" covers the series' history from the beginning to the present and offers many, many interesting facts along the way. The interviews with the past Bonds stand out as highlights. George Lazenby recounts sleeping with multiple women every day. Roger Moore defends his campy take on the character. Timothy Dalton thoroughly convinces the viewer that he deserved more of a fair shake, and Pierce Brosnan admits that he doesn't remember any of his other movies besides "GoldenEye."

All of this comes together in a loving portrait of one of the great film series. Even a casual fan can appreciate the love and effort that went into making these films, and we challenge anyone to walk away from "Everything or Nothing" without wanting to revisit Bond.

"Everything or Nothing" premieres on EPIX on October 5.

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