'Wreck-It Ralph' International Trailer Pushes All The Right Buttons

Wreck-It Ralph

What happens when a video game villain doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore? That's the story that Disney's new animated feature "Wreck-It Ralph" explores, hopefully to good results.

The studio has released an international trailer for the movie that shows us more of the video game worlds that are visited in the flick. Like the familiar characters we're going to see in "Wreck-It Ralph," we hope the film journeys to places we recognize like Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom. We couldn't help but see some "Mario Kart" in Vanellope von Schweetz's little racing sequence.

When we caught up with Vanellope's voice actress, Sarah Silverman, at Comic-Con, she teased that we're going to be seeing a lot of her little character behind the wheel of a car in "Wreck-It Ralph." That last scene between her and Ralph in the trailer was pretty darn adorable, so that sounds like it's something we should look forward to.

"I found it to be kind of beautiful and I connect to it, whether it's real or not," she said of the movie. "You realize that Ralph is the same way. He wants to have love. He doesn't want to be the bad guy. I think we share that. We clash at first but we realize we have family in each other, and we realize that your biggest downfall or your glitch can sometimes be your superpower. It's beautiful!"

"Wreck-It Ralph" hits theaters on November 2.

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