Olivia Wilde Works Her Magic In Exclusive 'Butter' Clip

We can say without hesitation that "Butter," the comedy starring Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, and Ty Burrell, is the biggest movie event of the year when it comes to films about carving spreadable dairy products.

That is exactly why we're proud to bring you an exclusive clip from "Butter" that sets up the heated competition to win a small town's butter carving competition.

In the clip, reigning champion Bob Pickler (Burrell) falls under the spell of Brooke aka "Tokyo Rose" (Wilde), a local—um—entertainer. This, unsurprisingly, does not please Bob's ambitious wife, played by Garner, who hopes to parlay their success in butter to success in politics.

"Butter" opens in theaters on Friday, October 5, but you can catch it now On Demand.

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