‘Paranormal Activity 4’ TV Spot: ‘He Does Not Like You’

When are these horror movie people going to learn that you shouldn’t hang around with that creepy neighbor kid? Especially when he says he has an imaginary friend who “does not like you.” It’s high time we let kids like Robbie in the new TV spot for “Paranormal Activity 4” go find some other family to prey on.

The creepiness and motion-sensing video game peripherals that we saw in the second trailer for “Paranormal Activity 4” are back with some new footage for this new TV spot. At the center of the action, again, is Robbie, the neighbor from across the street, who after some sort of accident is sent to live with the main character.

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At this point, it’s more or less clear that Robbie is actually Hunter, Kristi’s abducted son from “Paranormal Activity 2.” He’s the first boy in the family in five generations, something very important to the demon who has been haunting the family since the original.

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