Xenomorphs Ruin Everyone's Easter In Dailies!

Alien Easter

If only we knew what that xenomorph would look like. Our guess: rainbow-colored acid blood.

Also, watch a rad stop-motion car chase and some of Wes Anderson's best commercial work in today's Dailies!

» You probably know Wes Anderson as a great director of films, but he's also a great director of commercials. [Ad Week]

» The over-the-top-political "Killing Them Softly" gets an equally subtle/awesome poster. [The Playlist]

Killing Them Softly

» "Liam Neeson: The Musical" understands why we get so excited for this time of the year. [Vulture]

» This stop-motion car chase is better than most movie car chases. [Super Punch]

» The Week wonders whether Seth MacFarlane will make a good Oscars host. [The Week]

» Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Disney villains won? (Answer: It would be depressing.) [io9]

» Check out this preview for "Prometheus 2." [Reddit]

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