Bond Goes For A Swim In New 'Skyfall' Video Blog


By Ryan Gowland

In case anyone has missed the many TV spots, trailers or the recent featurette about the opening action sequence for "Skyfall," the 23rd James Bond film looks to be filled with action, which is not limited to being above water.

James Bond is no stranger to fighting under water (see Bond-a-Thond #4 - "Thunderball"), but this time it doesn't look like Bond will have the benefit of a mask or air tank or even a wetsuit. The latest video blog from the "Skyfall" set released by explores a tense sequence where Daniel Craig is thrown into icy water and has to fight someone underwater. Where the scene takes place is unknown, though it appears that Bond may be thrown off a boat in what may be the North Atlantic. Underwater, Craig makes it look easy, but the key, according to Underwater Director of Photography Mike Valentine, is to make it look real.

"When shooting underwater, make it look exciting, dangerous and real, and the audience, hopefully, will buy it," said Valentine. "If the audience believes in what we're doing, that's our success." The process requires keeping the cast submerged in a massive underwater stage, while communicating with director Sam Mendes, who directs the scene from dry land. Meanwhile Craig is scratching and clawing his way through an underwater fight scene.

"You need to raise the ante as the movie's going, and this movie really takes that to the next level," said First Assistant Director Michael Lerman. From the looks of the scene in the behind-the-scenes footage below, Lerman may be right.

"Skyfall" opens on November 9.

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