'Looper': Five Reasons You Have To See It


There are probably a lot of people on the internet today telling you that you have to see "Looper." How did we know this, you ask? It's because anyone who has seen "Looper" will undoubtedly feel the need to spread the word of its sheer awesomeness, and we are no different.

Here are the five reasons you must see "Looper."

Joseph Gordon-Willis

One of the strongest elements in "Looper" is how realistic Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes the film's main conceit. By ten minutes in, we are no longer watching JGL in weird Bruce Willis makeup. Instead, we're enjoying Young Joe, who looks a lot like Old Joe, who happens to be played by Bruce Willis. Perhaps the best compliment we can pay JGL's performance is that it only adds to a brilliant concept and a near flawless execution without ever pulling us out of the experience.

Time Travel Logic and Conversations

In "Looper," Bruce Willis' Old Joe aggressively pushes aside any conversation about the semantics of time travel, but that isn't going to stop you and your friends from trying to parse out the logic behind Rian Johnson's world. The director claims his has a rules-based system for how his time travel works, but the intricacies of the plot don't make that explicitly clear. There is lots to discuss here after you leave the theater, or you can take Old Joe's advice, sit back, and enjoy one hell of a good movie.

That Creepy Kid

A young actor by the name of Pierce Gagnon plays a central role in "Looper" that never appears in the trailer and for good reason. The story of his character, Sid, has remained a secret thanks to a well thought out marketing campaign. Suffice it to say that because of Sid, Pierce has entered the pantheon of creepy cinematic children. From his too-intelligent line delivery to his big cheeks, the kid has all the hallmarks of a truly terrifying ten year-old.

Rian Johnson, Next Big Thing

Since 2005, Johnson has made three genre-bending films and with each has taken some of cinema's most tired tropes and alchemized something truly original. While each movie succeeded on its own terms, "Looper" will be the film that jettisons the director into the realm of the "highly sought after director." This is Johnson's "Batman Begins." You've been warned.

Garret Dillahunt

Dillahunt has made a career for himself as a character actor who enters a wide variety of films in small roles, never stays around for too long, but always makes them immeasurably better movies. "Looper" is no exception. That is all we'll say.

Are you seeing "Looper" this weekend? If so, let us know what you think in the comments below and on Twitter!