Questions Will Be Answered (Allegedly) In Two 'Prometheus' Blu-ray Versions


Decisions, decisions. 20th Century Fox has released the artwork for the Blu-ray release of "Prometheus" and revealed that there are actually two versions of the release that fans can take home.

The first is a full four-disc collector's edition that includes the theatrical cut, 3D theatrical cut, DVD and digital copy of the movie, two sets of commentaries, the 15 minutes of deleted scenes we previously heard about and five special featurettes. The second, a two-disc release of the film, doesn't include the 3D or any of the special featurettes. Like we said: decisions, decisions.

Allegedly -- allegedly -- these special features will offer up answers to some of the many questions we had following the release of "Prometheus." There will be alternate opening and ending scenes, an explanation of whether "Prometheus" takes place on the same planet "Alien" does (in the first draft it did) and a tease about who the Engineers actually are.

"If we do a sequel to this prequel, we will find out who this race was," Scott promises in the Blu-ray trailer.

But is it too little too late? Damon Lindelof already gave us the sense at Comic-Con that there are answers to the many, many questions "Prometheus" raised, so we believe that Scott and his creative team has explanations for the film. But those should have in the film itself instead of in a likely pretty expensive four-disc home video set that we need to buy later. Despite our complaints we probably still will pick up this set if only so we get more of Michael Fassbender as David.

"Prometheus" lands on Blu-ray on October 9.

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