Daniel Radcliffe Could Help Bring 'Frankenstein' To Life

Woman in Black

By Colin Greten

According to a report from The Wrap, Daniel Radcliffe is showing serious interest in bringing someone back from the dead.

Fox is in the process of developing a new movie based on Mary Shelley's classic novel "Frankenstein." The studio has hired "Lucky Number Slevin" director Paul McGuigan and already has a draft of a script from "Chronicle" screenwriter Max Landis.

Although talent will not be attached until a final draft of the script is ready, Radcliffe is reportedly interested in playing the Hunchback role in the film. The Hunchback in the film has been described as "pathologically dirty" a type of role Radcliffe definitely has not played in the past.

Radcliffe and Emma Watson have been on a mission since the final Harry Potter film ended. That mission is clear: prove to everyone that they are more than just Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Watson's newest film, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is a distinct departure from the fantasy and action packed Potter films.

Meanwhile Radcliffe is doing the same. His horror film, "The Woman in Black," was a surprise hit last year grossing nearly $130 million worldwide. Radcliffe has many different types of projects in the works with the drama "Kill Your Darlings," the romantic comedy "The F Word" and the horror film "Horns." However, all those films do not seem to be enough for the determined actor.

Radcliffe seems to be diversifying as well as lining up his roles as much as possible, as he tries to get audiences to remember him as not only "the boy who lived" but the man whose career survived after being Harry Potter.