Leighton Meester And Hugh Laurie Love Each Other In 'The Oranges' Exclusive Red Band Clip

Here's a premise you probably never thought you'd hear: Leighton Meester and Hugh Laurie fall in love in a relationship that wreaks havoc on both of their families. But that's exactly what the comedic film "The Oranges" is about.

The movie is finally getting a theatrical release starting October 5, and MTV News is delighted to have an exclusive clip to present in anticipation of that date. Be warned, there is some inappropriate language in the video. It also will generate some terrible mental imagery, and we just read about bagel foreheads, so you know we're being serious. But the clip gives us a good sense of what we can expect from this little indie, which has one of the most exciting casts we've seen in a while.

In addition to Meester and Laurie, there's a delightful array of comedic talent at play here. Allison Janney and Oliver Platt play Meester's character's parents, while Katherine Keener is the wife of Laurie and Alia Shawkat plays his daughter. Adam Brody and Aya Cash round out the cast.

"The Oranges" tells the story of the Wallings (Laurie and Keener) and the Ostroffs (Platt and Janney), two families who are neighbors and best friends living on Orange Drive in New Jersey. All is well in their lives until Nina Ostroff (Meester) returns home after a five year absence and enters into an affair with David Walling (Laurie), throwing the lives of everyone around her into upheaval -- especially that of her childhood best friend Vanessa Walling (Shawkat).

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