Adele's 'Skyfall' Theme Reportedly Creatively Titled 'Let The Sky Fall'


James Bond might be on Her Majesty's secret service, but he's done a terrible job keeping the details of his newest theme song hush-hush.

It was teased earlier this month that Adele will be singing "Skyfall's" theme. Though the team behind the latest 007 film have yet to confirm the news, now Showbiz 411 has actually heard part of the tune and can confirm it's fantastic.

Titled "Let The Sky Fall," the single is described as an "ominous, dramatic ballad" that shows off Adele's "now trademark vocals." The chorus of the song goes, "Let the sky fall/Let it crumble/We will stand tall/And face it all/together.”

The song opens with a piano solo, and the opening lyrics are reportedly, “This is the end/Hold your breath and count to ten/Feel the Earth move and then/Hear my heart burst again.”

"It recalls the best kind of Bond hits by female vocalists like Carly Simon, Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Sheena Easton, and Rita Coolidge," the Showbiz 411 story reads. "Unlike more recent failed efforts by Madonna, and by Alicia Keys and Jack White, the song is tremendously catchy with a real sense of mystery." Apparently the tune is a "cinch" for a Best Song Oscar nomination.

The single will allegedly drop during the first week of October, though the "Skyfall" soundtrack isn't due out until November 6.

"Skyfall" hits theaters on November 9.

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