'Paranormal Activity 4': Never Trust The Neighbor Kid

Paranormal Activity 4

The "Paranormal Activity" franchise has slowly replaced the "Saw" films during the Halloween season over the past several years, and the supernatural chiller has been haunting us through teasers, grainy images, and shaky cam clips well before its release.

While "PA3" directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman prepare to see their second installment in the series hit theaters on October 19, a lot of speculation about the return of longtime character Katie (Katie Featherston) and abducted baby Hunter (from "Paranormal Activity 2") has been swirling amongst fans.

The new, second trailer for "PA4" reveals that the mysterious child we've been seeing called Robbie could quite possible be Hunter all grown up. He moves next door to a family (perhaps with Katie?) that ends up caring for him after a terrible accident occurs.

All hell breaks loose once he moves in with the do-gooders, of course. Enjoy a few awesomely creepy moments in this clip, including an eerie Xbox Kinect scene, a near-death collision with a chandelier, and levitating bodies. There's also an ancient symbol that might explain a few things: "The Hatlusac symbol of fertility was often present in sacred rituals whereupon a demon would take possession of a male child." That's the sigil several characters are pointing to while huddled around a computer.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know if you have any theories on the supernatural tale so far.

via Dread Central