New 'Arrested Development' Episodes Are 'Out of Control Fun'

Any day is a good day for some "Arrested Development" news, particularly when it comes from Buster Bluth himself (aka Tony Hale). When MTV News caught up with him at HBO's star-studded Emmy bash recently, we had to ask him for an update on filming the series and all the fun the cast has been having together.

"It's so fun and it's just so surreal. We were shooting and looking around going, 'We haven't shot together in eight years' and all of the sudden we're back in the Penthouse, the whole thing is surreal," he said, adding that in addition to seeing the core cast members, he's especially excited to have Liza Minnelli back in the mix.

"Liza Minnelli coming back, what a gift. And she's so great, she's got all these stories and you just sit there going 'Keep talking,' he said. "What I can say is that it's awesome to have Eliza back, Henry Winkler back, Mae Whitman as Ann, the whole thing is just great. It's really a reunion and we're all looking at each other going, 'What the hell are we doing here?'"

And although Hale couldn't give us any specifics about the plot, he did confirm that we'll be seeing plenty of interaction between the brothers Bluth.

"Will Arnett, come on. That man makes me laugh so hard," he said of his onscreen big brother. "Both on 'Veep' and 'Arrested Development,' I'm the one that breaks the most. I can't keep it together it's sad. It's very unprofessional."

Hale went on to say that fans of the series can and should expect anything and everything from its Netflix run, especially since he has no idea what creator Mitch Hurwitz has planned for an ending.

"It's going to be nuts and fun and out of control," he said. "I'm shooting now but I got the scripts four days ago so I have no idea what's happening. You're just kind of along for the ride."